State Drops New Gun Permit Fee

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  1. Elaine Vechorik says:

    From his Facebook page: Tate Reeves · 10,596 like this
    43 minutes ago ·

    I call on DPS to refund gun permit holders who were wrongly overcharged for permits. Attorney General Jim Hood has issued an opinion saying DPS did not have the authority to raise fees on gun permits.

    My first thought when I learned of this bureaucratic cash grab was that the Obama Administration mindset had taken over the Department of Public Safety leadership.The commissioner’s action clearly violates state law, demonstrates a lack of leadership and makes it appear he wants to be in the gun control business. Mississippians are tired of government reaching deeper into their pockets to justify agency overspending. I expect the DPS Commissioner to follow the law immediately and offer refunds to law-abiding gun owners who have been overcharged for their right to carry a concealed weapon.

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