Video: ‘Under The Knife’ Allie Undergoes Cosmetic Surgical Procedure

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  1. Absolutely more men are having cosmetic surgery! Many experts believe that the competitive economy is responsible for men turning to cosmetic procedures. This indeed would be a “practical” reason. Some experts state that having cosmetic surgery may represent a way for men to “take charge of their lives.” The economy has improved since 2009, yet it is still sluggish. Many men may feel the need to prolong their own youthful appearance to compete on the job market as part of a “cult of youth.” Other experts believe that as gender roles in the work world become more equal, so does the importance of appearance! I found that particularly interesting. Women have not become less interested in looking better, but men have become more interested in looking better. Yet other experts on gender and economic trends believe the globalization of the marketplace has made cosmetic surgery a sign of affluence and privilege.

    Dr Rhys Branman

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