Video: A Louisville Boy Gets A Surprise Visit From A Mississippi State Athlete

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2 Responses

  1. Allison Wallace Ellington says:

    As a proud graduate of Mississippi State University, I am always looking for positive roll models at the university to share with my kids. When Tyler met Quinn and his family, I was impressed with all of the pictures Suzanne had shared on Facebook…thinking that it was nice of him to take a few pictures with a family that has been in my thoughts and prayers for so long. Then Suzanne posted that Tyler had the bracelet on at the next ballgame…and the next…and every ballgame after he met Quinn. The amount of happiness Tyler brought to Quinn’s family was amplified through every Facebook friend’s news feed. He just wore a bracelet, but to those who have followed Quinn’s story, he did so much more. Tyler, if you read this, know that your small gesture has touched many hearts. Awareness is priceless. Compassion is priceless. Time is priceless. And Tyler gave the Gregory’s a healthy dose of all three!

  2. Maryreed says:

    I am from Winston Co. and I can assure you everyone here is praying for this special boy and his wonderful family! What Tyler did shows what a truly caring person he is not just a special athlete. such a selfless act from such a great young man.

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