Video: Starkville Approved Trainer’s Transfer Request, But Denies A Mother

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I fell like there have been several problems with the Oktibbeha County Schools since they consolidated the Sturgis and Maben schools. The Sturgis school buildings have gone down hill and residents from the area have either moved or send their children to other schools for a better education. Also this was a mistake in the form of the childrens safety because of the amount of school traffic on the Sturgis-Maben road, that needs to be addressed.
    The schools should be back like they were, everything was fine then why did a supervisor from Maben with kids in that school have to bring down both schools. I send my children to an Academy and pay for their education. I have always wanted to live in Sturgis and sending my kids to another school shouldn’t be what I have to do to live there but I have to for their education and safety.
    As for special priviledges, I think Mr. Trainer needs to pay SSD taxes if he sends his children there whether he works there or not. This is a way for his children to get a better eduacation but he should be taxed like every other normal citizen that lives in the SSD.

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