Video: Sturgis Police Department Decisions Made

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  1. Concern Citizen from Sturgis says:

    How can the mayor or anyone on the board do interviews and decide if a law enforcement officer is qualified? They don’t have a clued what a qualified officer is and don’t want anyone that really knows how or wants to do the job the right way. They are looking for handpicked yes men. The pay isn’t that great for putting your life or reputation on the line. Any good officer that has pride in them self’s will not stand for this at all. The force that was here were the best officers the town could ever have. Chief Hutchinson was from here and care about the town and its people. No outside person is going to be that way. It should have not been them leaving. It should have been the mayor and board. Why I will ever know the mayor got back into office and the new board members got in that is there now. It’s more likely a promise to have that stupid bike rally so someone can make money. It is public knowledge the town lost money on them rallies every year. The mayor and other business made the money. The mayor before was from time to time had to get along with but he tried to bring the town up. This mayor is going to keep it down like old money wants.

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