Video: West Point Fatal Stabbing Update

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4 Responses

  1. My little brother says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Jealousy, etc. doesn’t justify anything. I remember Marcus when he was a kid, growing up and we watched him and his sister everyday until their mom got off work. Always a fun person to be around, and always happy. No one is perfect, and though emotions run hot at times there is no coming back from death. A lot of problems stem from external concerns from cousins, aunts, uncles, and siblings. Though you take sides if it winds up sending you to jail, it was probably the wrong side to take anyway. If your means of interrogation involve weapons, you are up to no good. Driving to find him and intent on harming him obviously premeditated, with no justification. Who did he kill? No one! Ridiculous. Just 2 weeks past the death of another friend I lost 2 years ago to a similar senseless murder, just for doing his job. Gone too soon. God bless his children, Jessica, Ms. Jackie, Brianna, Mr. Daryl, and the family and children of these girls. They are also suffering b/c we can’t control how we feel.

  2. Sister By Love says:

    Marcus was a good friend of mine. He was fun to be around and he always kept a smile on his face. It was through him that I met a very special person in my life. It breaks my heart to know that i’ll never get to talk to him or see him again. He was a great guy. He will truly be missed.

  3. Concern Citizen says:

    I agree with you and may God be with with you’ll at a time of loss. Some things are not call for but you can believe that their conscious are killing them because they were acting out of anger. Now they may be asking themselves, What have I done? May God Be With Everyone that Marcus death took a toll on especially his children. When will the violence stop?

  4. Friend of Marcus says:

    I just cant believe a very close friend of ours has been takein away from us we all wore just together a week before this happen and i just passed him and blowed at him on my way to work…how could this happen and i feel like these young ladies SHOULD NOT get away with killing someone that was not bothering them…this man left behind 4 kids and a family for stupid females like these robys that thinks they run every and anybody…THEY DESERVE THE CHAIR THEY TOOK SOMEONE ELSE LIFE SO JAIL NEEDS TO TAKE THERES soory to sound so harsh but im just not happy at all!!!!!!

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