West Point Man’s Death Investigated as Homicide

Steve Rogers

Assistant News Director/Assignment Editor; degree in finance and administration from Yale University; 35 years experience in journalism.

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8 Responses

  1. Ed says:

    ohhhhhhhh weeeeeee……put a shade on that…..some bright folks posting here!

  2. sherri says:

    I know some info reply back to me

  3. sherri says:

    He would not do anything like that and that my ex boyfriend so FREE BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. sherri says:

    I know he did not do it and that my exboyfriend st8 up he would not do anything like that so FREE BRO!!!!!!!!!!

  5. sherri says:

    I know devonte Kelly would not do anything like that mane st8 up!!!!!

  6. BUDAFLI says:

    SAD!!! Smh….

  7. Mack says:

    Free Boosie , #TFN

  8. TriQuasha says:

    I knew them the son use too ride the bus with me when I was in tha 11th grade..Dont seem like the type too do anything like that

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