Baldwyn Bearcats Look To Continue Hot Streak Against Eupora

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  1. GP says:

    I have never seen so many flags in a game. There were flags called for no reason at all and to make it worse the REFS threw them and didn’t know what they were thrown for. At one call it took them a least 10 min. to figure what they were going to do. Yes both sides had some bad calls. The REFS were not and are NOT qualified to call any game. Some of the REFS even got confronted by several Baldwyn’s players (I’m mean in their faces) and no flag was thrown. Seems to me and others that were not from Eupora but other school districts that the REFS were calling the game for Baldwyn. Hope that theres a investigation about this…
    By the way shouldn’t the REFS be from other Districts when calling a Playoff game. Just wondering.
    Baldwyn will be playing the WildCats of Cahoun City this Friday. Same REFS? If so, then The Bearcats will have to Face Bassfield or East Marion and you know who’s going to win that one!!!

  2. Gregory Petty says:

    Well here we go again!
    Eagles are flying HIGH this Friday Night. Watch those receivers earn their yardage. I have the Eagles at 28 pts. before half time.
    Eupora -37
    Baldwyn – 24

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