New Hope’s Mosley WCBI Student Athlete of the Week

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5 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Mosley says:

    We are so pround of you son.

  2. Jasmine Williams says:

    Im so proud of you Christopher, I love you keep pressing forward!!!!

  3. Tashmia Williams says:

    Christopher, you have always been a great child, this just shows us that you are going to become an even better man. Put God first and the rest will follow. We love you!

    Your family,
    Eric, Tashmia, Jaden and Maddisen Williams

  4. Laura Pippins says:

    Way to go Chris!!! You can do it through prayer

    your grandmother


  5. Mary Jones says:

    Congratulations Chris!!!!! We prayer you have continue success and alway remember we are here for you at all time.

    Your cousins
    Cedric,Mary, Destini and Zavier Jones

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