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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Miss. – In Defense Of Animals has offered a $2,500 reward in a Montgomery County dog abuse case. In Defense of Animals, or IDA, is an international animal protection organization that operates Hope Animal Sanctuary in Grenada. Monday, IDA announced that a dog was found on October 3, along Highway 82 near Lodi road with a collar deeply imbedded in her neck. According to the information from IDA, the collar had been on the dog for many years, obviously never being adjusted as the dog grew. Doll Stanley, Director of the Hope Animal Sanctuary said it was the worst embedded collar she had ever seen. Had the dog not managed to escape, it almost certainly would have died in a matter of days from infection. The dog is being cared for at a Grenada veterinary clinic and eventually will be available for adoption.

If you have any information about this case of animal cruelty, contact In Defense of Animals at 415-448-0074.

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