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ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI)-When driving by older model homes it can be easy to overlook the history, that is why one town has added a new tour of historical homes to their community.

In 1848, when Evergreen was built, Aberdeen became a county seat of Monroe County. Every year its historic homes are showcased but thanks to Kathleen Seymour, a chairperson of the Aberdeen Historic Preservation society, A new tour is taking shape.

The silk stocking Tour is named for its wealthy residents who once lived here. Most of those could afford silk stockings oppose to cotton ones worn by common people.

“I thought it would be a good idea for people to come out and see the different architectural styles that we have think a lot of people are very interested in preserving the history of Aberdeen,” says Seymour.

Kathleen’s inspiration for the Silk Stocking tour came to her after a vacation in New Orleans.

“I did a walking tour of the garden district there and was fascinated with the architecture of the houses and decided we should do that here in Aberdeen,” says Seymour.

A Victorian home owner herself, Kathleen believes historical homes are more to a community than a pretty picture.

The Silk Stocking Row tour features 27 different houses built between the 1830’s to the 1920’s, each featuring their own unique architecture.

“They are all very unique, but I guess the oldest probably is the Harrison-Phelan house that we are going to see there are other houses where parts of them maybe older,” says Seymour.

No matter what your taste is in historical homes, there is style for everyone on the Silk Stocking Row Tour.

Aberdeen has over 255 homes that are a part of the National registered of Historic Places.

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