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COLUMBUS, Miss (WCBI)-An overturned truck hauling peanuts left traffic at a standstill this afternoon.

It happened on Highway 82 east just before the military road exit.

The driver of the truck says he was driving eastbound and tried to move to the left lane when he saw an oncoming car on the ramp.

That’s when he says he lost control.

The truck, went over the median, into the west bound lane and flipped on its side, scattering thousands of peanuts across sides of the highway.

Amazingly, the driver of the truck was not seriously hurt.

He managed to pull himself out and escaped with just scrapes and bruises.


  • Lee

    We came upon this accident immediately after it happened. My husband was driving and I was holding our little dog and looked up to see what I thought was smoke (peanut dust) and expected to see a vehicle flipping through the air towards us out of the dust. My husband called 911. As some of the peanut dust settled we saw a truck cab in pieces and the motor still running and I said a prayer for the driver fully expecting him to be gone. I couldn’t stop thinking about the driver and his family. When we heard the good news this morning we were both so happy. He was a very lucky man as this was a horrible accident and could have been so much worse.

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