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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – For years college athletes have said “show me the money” and now it seems their wish will come true. The NCAA says they are ready to allow college athletes to get paid in the form of a stipend.

Bracky Brett of Mississippi State University says college athletes don’t have time to earn extra the income that they may need.

“Inter-collegiate athletics in this day and time is very time consuming, almost like a job for our student athletes. No matter what sport you’re in, being a college athlete and going to school full time takes up a good part of your day. A normal student could get a job or something like that on the side to make themselves a little pocket money, but student athletes because of their time demands, don’t always have that. That’s why we need to look at a way in which we can provide a stipend where they can have the same college experience as a regular student,” says Brett.

Major universities all over the country make millions in revenue when games are televised. Currently, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament has an agreement with CBS and Turner Broadcasting worth $770 million per year and the Bowl Championship series tv deal is worth $180 million. Brett says that athletes in all college sports would be eligible for a stipend.

Former MSU football player Eddie Myles also believes student athletes should be paid for their efforts.

“No one knows the hours that these athletes put in. When you get to a university you can’t work because of the demand the sport has on you. Some of these kids come here with the clothes on their backs and if you’re not giving kids some type of compensation, then it’s hard for them to get new things,” says Myles.

Last year, the NCAA Division One Board of Directors approved a $2,000 stipend but many schools objected to the new policy, citing compliance issues and affordability. NCAA President Mark Emmert says it’s time for a change and those schools that can afford it, should offer the financial assistance.

It looks like student athletes will finally get their piece of the pie.

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