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MAYHEW, Miss. (WCBI) — Mississippi taxpayers have invested millions in KiOR. Now, it’s future remains in question. It was a topic of discussion Wednesday at the Golden Triangle Development Link’s luncheon on the EMCC Mayhew campus.

The Security and Exchange Commission has opened an investigation into KiOR’s reporting of production levels and other matters. The alternative fuels plant says it has “substantial doubts” about its ability to continue to operate. KiOR’s 18 month-old, $225M plant is sitting idle.

Golden Triangle LINK CEO, Joe Higgins said, “We are monitoring with the state of Mississippi. We are monitoring the situation hourly. It’s important to know that to this day, KiOR has lived up to their commitments to the city, the county, and the Lowndes County Port Authority. But we will remain cautiously optimistic and we are going to be monitoring it very closely over the next few weeks or months.”

KiOR hasn’t announced when the plant might start back up.

  • Lindsay Leveen

    Yes Kior has kept its commitmentsto the city, the county, and the port authority. But they vilated the laws of thermodynamics in doing so. I suggest you all call Condi Rice as a witness. She claimed the technology was a “reality” in March 2013. She also thought Iraqi WMDs were a reality. Amazing how she resigned in December then in January the SEC starts investigating. Did she get some goverment inside information to bail out??? I suggest you all read my work in exposing the faking of thermodynamics at KIOR. Go to http://www.greeneexplored.com

  • lindsay leveen

    sorry my typing is poor — that is violated — and the site is http://www.greenexplored.com
    sorry again The Green Machine

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