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HACKLEBURG, Miss. (WCBI)-Despite the devastation left behind by an EF-5 tornado, Hackleburg is finding ways to move forward and rebuild.

“It was incredible, its something obviously I can never forget,” says Vince Hughes.

Nearly three years later, Vince Hughes remembers the twister that ripped through Hackleburg, Alabama; leaving devastation in its wake. Now, he is doing his part to rebuild the tornado tattered town.

“It was a unique opportunity presented itself to me and I after much deliberation I thought it was time to open my own business,” says Hughes.

While facilities, such as Hackleburg High and Elementary schools, are still under construction, the pharmacist believes the community is closer than ever.

“We all are in this together and it’s an ongoing process,” says Hughes.

A process that is now moving forward thanks to a $3.4 million. That money will go to build a new Town Hall and Police Department.

“We’re glad to get anything we can get our hands on right now. The police department has been struggling, fire department it took us two years to get back in a building,” says Steve Hood.

Fire Chief Steve Hood hopes the grant will encourage new business owners to come to the area.

“The main thing we need in Hackleburg right now is somebody to take a chance invest in us. We’re still trying to process try and get a grocery store. The folks are here if people would just come back Hackleburg will come back,” says Hood.

“We still need everybody’s prayers, Hackleburg, Alabama. This is a wonderful community full of wonderful people and it’s going to be better than ever,” says Hughes.

Eighteen people died during that April 2011 storm.


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