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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- The days of the typical 8 to 5 job are slowly drifting away.

Today, more and more people are working late or overnights and for some, especially single-parents, that can be a struggle.

Amber Gainer is taking on a new schedule at WCBI. She was recently promoted to work overnights for the sunrise show. But as a single mother, she admits it’s a tough adjustment.

“I am a single mom of an almost 2 year old, he’ll be 2 next friday and it’s extremely hard. During the night side it was a little bit easier, because my mom’s schedule worked around my part-time schedule and she could keep my son. Once they promoted me to the day shift, I had to find a full time baby sitter who would be committed to coming to my home at 2:30 in the morning,” said Gainer.

It was risky, but Amber opted to look online for a sitter. She searched a reliable site, and was luckily matched with a trustworthy caregiver for the toddler.

“It’s definitely unusual, you know, that’s a time that not a lot of people work. Usually baby sitters are there during the day or late at night when the parents want to go out, but it doesn’t usually start at 2:30 in the morning,” said babysitter Breanne Anderson.

Bruce Johnson is a projects coordinator at CPI Group, an HR staffing firm and says there’s been a spike in the number of people working odd hours.

“There’s been a huge increase, simply because companies, some companies given the types of industry they’re going to need to catch up their different orders or whatever it might be,” said Johnson.

Johnson says it’s harder for single-parents to find babysitters, but there are options out there.

“Knowing the different places in your community. Being involved with a good church family even. You can come up with contacts through them of folks that can help you with child care,” said Johnson.

And despite all the challenges of her new role, Amber says the best thing single-mothers can do is just roll with the punches.

No matter what, it’s always hard, but that’s what we moms do. We just make it work!” said Gainer.

Johnson adds that if you’re a single parent and work a tough shift, the most important thing between you and your employer is communication.


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