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STURGIS, Miss. (WCB)-Sturgis residents packed the town’s special board meeting demanding answers. Officials held the special meeting to discuss their next steps for the town’s police department. Strugis’s Board of Aldermen recently voted to remove Police Chief Will Hutchinson from his position during executive session. Soon after the announcement was made, the town’s three officers quickly re-signed, turning in their badges, key and equipment.

“We discussed our police positions, what we’re going to do in the future, like what we had before with the police chief and three officers,  go to full-time officers, that kind of thing. And the board decided to think about it a little more so we didn’t come to a decision,” said Sturgis Mayor Walter Turner.

Officials reassured the public that the Oktibbeha County Sheriff’s Department is assisting the town, but residents sill weren’t satisfied. The aldermen never gave an explanation why the did not want to re-appoint Chief Hutchinson.

“In a situation like this, every time there’s a new election, all employees are up for re-appointments. You don’t have to show any cause or anything else and we went through our entire roster of employees and the chief was the only one not re-appointed and there were no reasons given,” said Mayor Turner.

As the city continues to figure out their next step, Mayor Turner hopes the lines of communication between the board and the people of Sturgis remain open.

“Alot of the newly elected officials, they need to go out and talk to the public and see what the public wants and bring that consensus of opinion back to a board meeting so we can make the right decision,” said Mayor Turner.

Officials say they will likely hold another meeting some time early next week.

  • Elaine Vechorik

    A small town, with less that 300 voters with a mayor, 5 aldermen, 4 policemen and 2 city secretaries. Why did one of the secretaries/clerks also resign? The citizens deserve to know.

  • Ron Yates

    My personal belief is that the Police Chief was terminated because he enforced the law – that is; he wrote traffic tickets to both Sturgis and non-Sturgis residents. The good old boy system is alive and well in Sturgis, MS.

  • Concern Citizen from Sturgis

    If you check public records. One of the alderman got a DUI and the other one got tickets. These two where the ones who influenced the chief not getting reinstated because he would not wash it under the table. The mayor is a drunk that did not like the fact the police where out enforcing the laws. Sturgis has become a safe having for drunks and drug heads now. The town has has always had police. The last full time chief was know to ride around and do nothing and always had so tag officer. That is what they want to go back too. They want a chief/officer/security to ride around and take the drunks home and make people go home or leave if they are having problem. They don’t want the law enforce the right way. The mayor wants to run the daily operations of the police department. The just need to let the sherif department take over the policing so they can enforce the law and then the people of Sturgis will know how essay they had it. The Sturgis police where not as hard as they could have been. There is so many laws they could had enforce.

  • Concern Citizen from Sturgis

    The mayor cannot get his story right. This is all public record. The chief and 3 officer’s salary combined together was approximately $ 25000.00 a year. The mayor wants to add the cost of gas and other expenses to the police salary. The police budget was approximately $ 3500.00. The real reason the chief did not get reinstated was for a personal vendetta buy the mayor and two aldermen on the board. The mayor has always tried to tell the chief how to enforce the law and the chief would not let him. Chief Hutchinson is not a yes man. One of the new aldermen got a DUI and the other got tickets and the chief would not wash it under the table. Chief Hutchinson has always been known for wanting a professional police department. He has always done his best to help people that treated his officers and himself with respect. Chief Hutchinson words. “Do your jobs” “You are professional police officers and you know your job”. There are a lot of good people in the Town of Sturgis that appreciated the police and some that did not like them for doing their jobs. This is well known fact.

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