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Video: Aberdeen Police Altercation

ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI)-It may be a little tense in the Aberdeen police station. Charges are pending after an altercation between the Chief and one of his officers.

The alleged altercation between Chief Henry Randle and Officer Jason Franks happened late Friday afternoon at the police department between 5-9pm.

Officials would not give us specific details on what actually happened during the altercation.

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen met Monday morning about the dispute and decided to turn things over to Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell.

“There is a videotape involved and we’re gonna be reviewing statements from witnesses and at this point we’re just starting the investigation and we’re just, we really don’t know everything yet but we will find out the truth,” says Sheriff Cantrell.

There are pending charges against Chief Henry Randle. Officer Franks signed an affidavit against Randle Friday in front of a justice court judge. However, Randle is an elected official, there has to be probable cause to make any arrest or for any charges to go through. This is Randle’s second term as Aberdeen Police Chief.

Sheriff Cantrell says the investigation should be complete within a few days. Following the investigation, the evidence will be turned  over to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.