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UPDATE: Pontotoc Slaughter House Under Fire For Alleged Animal Cruelty

PONTOTOC, Miss. (WCBI)-PETA has released undercover footage that they say reveals animal cruelty at the Southern Quality Meats slaughterhouse in Pontotoc. PETA says this video footage shows an employee using electric prongs, normally used to electrically stun pigs prior to slitting their throats, to jab sows and even putting prongs on an already stunned pig in a cruel and unauthorized manner. PETA reported allegations that workers beat down pigs on the face and head with chains, dragged pigs to kill floor, and electro-shocked pigs for up to 30 minutes to force them to walk. Southern Quality Meats provides meat to Mississippi schools and has done more than $6 million dollars in business with the Department of Education since 2006. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Safety has sent investigators to the facility. In a letter to PETA Southern Quality Meats President Don Haynie Sr.  says , “We were unable to find any evidence that the incidents described…occurred at our facility.” Also in the letter, SQM say that a permanent, on-site USDA inspector has raised on concerns about its practices, nor have the USDA veterinarians that perform monthly audits.  This is the first time PETA has launched an investigation of this nature in Mississippi.


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