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Video: Clay County Residents Weigh In on Proposed Consolidation Bill

CLAY COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – While the House continues to work on their bill, the Senate Education Committee has approved a similar bill for the school districts of West Point and Clay County. Bill 2637 is headed to the Senate for full consideration.

District 9 Republican Senator Gray Tollison introduced the measure to merge both districts into one that would be named the West Point Consolidated School District.

We asked some of you what you think about the proposed bill.

“I think that anything that’s unified, anything that involves team work is actually great because one person might not have the same problem but they might have the solution.”

“I’m in favor of it, school district is too small.”

“I feel it would be good, I think it would save, they would combine everything and that saves us the tax payers some money.”

There are about 165 students who attend West Clay Elementary including Pre-K students.

If the bill passes those 165 students would be joined with the 3200 Students from West Point City schools.