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Delivering the news in North MS and West AL. has been just one more "Day in the Life" since 2007. Anchor of WCBI News at 9 on MYMS, co-anchor WCBI News at 10. Email me with story ideas!

Video: Day in the Life, Biscuit Shop Pt. II

STARKVILLE, Miss. – (WCBI)Economic times call for extra effort and money management.

It’s all about balance for Michelle Tehan. As a mother of four children under the ages of six, she has still managed to cook up some business from the comfort of her home. Michelle whips out biscuits by the dozens. The key is staying ahead. When one batch comes out of the oven, a new one is ready for baking. After all of the biscuits have cooled, we packed our bags.

When the bags are packed and all four of the Tehan children are buckled in, it is time to head a dorm on Mississippi State’s campus. For Michelle Tehan, baking up delicious treats that remind you of home is just one more day in the life.