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Video: Voting Campaign Targets Young Women

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – With election day right around the corner, the American Association for University Women (AAUW)sponsored a voting campaign at MUW targeting young women.

AAUW wants to make sure that young women ages 18-31 know what’s at stake for them in this year’s election. Studies show that this group has not yet established a voting pattern. The event focused on issues that included access to affordable birth control, college affordability and the gender wage gap. Voting organizer and keynote speaker, Attorney Elizabeth Crowell commented that women are 51 percent of the population and deserve to have their issues addressed.

“It’s the “It’s My Vote – I will be Heard” campaign. We don’t care who the women vote for, we care that they get their voices heard by their elected officials. That’s why getting out the vote is so important. Women’s issues are important so our elected officials should be focusing on it unless we get out and create voting habits and become engaged voters,” says Crowell.

AAUW will also sponsor a phone bank to encourage young women to vote.