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Vernon, AL, – (WCBI) A Vernon, Alabama business that’s been a familiar landmark for over a hundred years is closing it’s doors.

A 115 year old cash register, and actually its the only one that’s ever been in use at W. B. Clearman’s Store in downtown Vernon.

“This store has been here forever. They’ve got some antique here. Sonny is a good man he is a good church man. He trained three sons to the best of ability I know of,” said Jim Crawford, Vernon.

“At one time it was a general store. They sold everything that you would need, as my grandmother would say to set up house,” said Nick Clearman, W. B. Clearman’s Store.

When Worth B. Clearman first opened it, it was more that just a store.  For his customers arriving in buggies, it was a place to hang out.

“Ten or twelve farmers sitting around a big pot belly stove back there in the back. Ad they would just meet and talk and talk about the weather. They’d talk about their farms. Talk about their cattle, talk about whatever,” said Nick Clearman.

In more modern times, store merchandise only included men’s clothing, boots, and hats. Now that store owners are not buying any more merchandise and plans are to slowly fade out of sight, the popular place some call their second home will soon be no more. Time has past since the days of buggy sales. And the owner/customer relationships at Clearman’s.

“Call him go by and see him, take hi for lunch or something. Do whatever I can to let him know I appreciate him. I bought boots and pants here for many years,” said Crawford.

Like his father before him, Sonny Clearman and his son Nick are well known around Vernon and appreciate all of their customers down through the decades.

The doors at Clearman’s are expected to remain open until all merchandise are gone.



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