Video: Indoor Air Quality


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)– Spring is in the air, and that means so is this pollen. Many of us have already felt the effects of allergy season, and are looking for ways to alleviate the symptoms.

We have all experienced it before…

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“Runny nose, itchy eyes, sometimes watery eyes, sneezing”, says Dr. Keith Watson as he describes the symptoms of allergy season.

That’s right, it’s allergy season. With flowers in full bloom, and gusty winds stirring up pollen, many of us are already feeling the effects of the Spring allergy season.

Dr. Eddie High says, “if you know that you have seasonal allergies you can go ahead and start taking seasonal allergy medication now.”

Dr. High goes on to say, “most people can control their seasonal allergies symptoms with over the counter medication.”

But there are more ways to help alleviate your symptoms then just medicine.

One thing to consider is the air quality of your home.

“Make certain it is kept clean, keep your home dusted. if you have pets, you certainly want to get your carpets cleaned. you may want to have your bet bathed and groomed,” says Dr. Watson

Other suggested tips are to change your air filter regularly as well as your bedding.

Making sure your vents are clean and capable of circulating dust free air.

By making sure your home air is kept clean & clear of pollen & other allergy triggers, many will be able to have a less severe allergy season.

If your allergy symptoms do not improve, or become worse, consult your doctor. Some people suffer from severe allergies and will need professional help.