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LEE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- This weekend’s wet weather has put somewhat of a damper on plans to light off fireworks tonight.

This fireworks stand west of Tupelo is a familiar site two times a year 4th of July and New Years. And this site is literally a mom and pop shop. For six years now Buddy and Susan Buchanan of Ripley have brought their camper, and usually stay for four or five days during the winter, and a whole week during the summer. They bring their dogs. And they can cook on this portable grill.

“It’s interesting. You meet a lot of interesting people and get to know them when you set for a little while and have return customers, there are really nice people around here. And we always love camping,” says Buchanan.

And the Buchanan’s take great pride in giving their customers the latest information about popular fireworks including one that will set you back $100.

“We have one that’s really popular. It’s called Corruption. It’s more like a grand finale. It’s 205 shots. It’s pretty awesome,” says Buchanan.

If you really want to have a Ballard Park type of display yourself, you make the purchase behind me the backyard hero 270-dollars. Then at the end of that you do the Corruption for the Grande Finale.

But unfortunately the weather has been problem for fireworks sales this New Years season.

“It being rainy and everything, it has cut our sales just a little bit. The sales in the winter time are usually a little less than in the summer time but we generally do fairly well,” says Buchanan.

Fortunately, with wet and cooler weather, the Buchanan’s say there is less of a fire hazard than during the summer.

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