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There is nothing like some hearty Asian to help with the winter blues.  With the cold weather, this soup will warm you up with it’s tangy and sweet combination.  Plus, ginger is known to help fight colds and with your health!

6 cups – chicken broth
2 tbsp – brown sugar
2 tbsp – minced ginger
2 tbsp – garlic
1 cup – cut carrots
4 bunches – shallots
1/2 cup – rice wine for cooking
3 tbsp – soy sauce
2 tbsp – sesame oil
1 bag – frozen wontons
1 cup – chopped spinach
1 tsp – red pepper flakes
salt & pepper to taste
1. Place a liner in the crock-pot.  Mix together the broth, sugar, ginger, garlic, carrots, shallots, rice wine, soy sauce, sesame oil and red pepper flakes in the crock pot.
2. Cook low and slow for 5-6 hours, stirring occasionally.
3. 30 minutes prior to serving, add your frozen wontons and chopped spinach to the crock pot.  Cook low and slow for another 30 minutes until the wontons are fully cooked.
4. Serve hot with egg rolls, rice and other Asian favorites.
1. Ginger is a delicious flavor when mixed with the other ingredients.  It adds lots of tang.  Use a little extra and go for fresh ginger to maximize the flavor.
2. If you can’t find Rice Wine at Kroger, check the local Asian food store.  You can omit it if necessary.  Be aware that Rice Wine and Rice Wine Vinegar are two different things.
3. If you make your own wontons, only plop them in for 10 minutes.  They’ll get soggy and fall apart if left in too long.
4. Only place the amount of wontons you need in the soup, especially if you want to freeze the soup.  Wontons do NOT freeze well in this soup.
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