9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

By: Chad Groening

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI)- Remembering those that gave it all. That was the theme of the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb.

Participants climbed the stairs of the Bancorp South arena to honor the 9-11 responders.

“One time up and down all the way around and back to simulate the flights of stairs that the fire fighters in New York City climbed at the World Trade Center.” said Fire Chief  Thomas Walker.

And the participants wore the uniforms and equipment they would normally wear on duty.

“They have asked that if you’re in law enforcement or a fire fighter that you wear your full gear because that is what they were in when took place so that’s what we’re here to do, we’re representing law enforcement. ‘You’re wearing your nice Class A uniform, Class A, bulletproof vest everything. So you’re going to get that nice uniform kind of wet today?’ Well we hope so.”  said Sheriff Jim Johnson.

The event was put on the Tupelo Fire Department Ladies Auxillary.

“Memorial stair climbs were started after 9-11 to remember all those that lost their life that day. They’ve been done throughout the United States. It’s just a way to pay tribute back to brothers who could not finish their climb.” said Melinda Monts.
“I think it’s a great way for the guys to give honor and memory to the fire fighters who lost their lives on September 11th. ”  said Scott Morgan.

“There’s just no words. It is just an awesome thing that they’ve done, remembering those that have fallen and I’m just honored to be a part of it.” said Christy Stevens.

And while the participants climbed the stairs, the sounds of 9-11 first responders filled the coliseum.

With loudspeakers blaring the recordings of dispatchers on the fateful morning participants in today’s event could all reflect on what the anniversary of 9-11 means to them.

“Whenever 9-11 comes around every year we just think of these 343 fire fighters 71 police officers 8 EMT paramedics that made that ultimate sacrifice.”

“It’s a reminder that you can’t take any day for granted.”

“It just makes you think about the sacrifice that they gave and any fire fighter could be called to give to serve others.”

“It’s just a humble experience and it’s humbling to know that those guys and ladies gave their life to save somebody elses and that’s what we do.”

And when they finished the climb, they gave tribute to the fallen of 9/11.

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