An Aberdeen church gives Easter egg baskets to kids in the community

ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI)- An Aberdeen church held an Easter basket giveaway for children in their church and community.

Joy and gratefulness were shown as Jesus Outreach Ministry in Aberdeen gave Easter baskets to young children in the community. Pastor Earnest Holliday said his sister, Katina Holliday, moved away but wanted to see her community smile.

“It’s not that people are in need or they’re in need she just wants to bless someone she loves kids she want to put a smile on their face,” said Holliday.

Holliday felt that hosting the event at his church was a way to reach people and keep them hopeful for any dark days.

“We’re outreaching the people to let them know that God still loves them.. whatever problem they’re going through if their broke in the pockets or whatever we can help out to help and let them know that if they lean and depend on Jesus he’ll make everything alright,” said Holliday.

Church members also felt that the event would bring a bright look to their church and community.

“The kids need it, we need it, the community needs it, Aberdeen needs a positive outlook right now because so much has gone wrong in the city of Aberdeen and it’s just a blessing for us to just give these kids something you know instead of giving them a gun or a knife you know we give them gifts,” said deacon of the church Terry Morgan.

Though Holliday and members of the church were glad to help their town. Their faith was based on making this a Happy Easter.

” Jesus rose and you know it wasn’t a good Friday for him, but you know early Sunday morning and I just wanted to put a smile on their face because Sunday morning when he rose he rose for our sins,” said Holliday.

The church thanks all families who came out to put smiles on their children’s faces.


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