Aberdeen School District is giving each child free school supplies to begin the school year

ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI)- Back to school, it’s right around the corner. Some students dread it and some parents look forward to it. One of the things families have to do is stock up on school supplies and that can be expensive. This year the Aberdeen School District is helping out by offering free school supplies to their students. Pencils, pens, and paper; you name it.

“So many parents have had so many life changes a lot of events that went on in their life due to the pandemic and everything so this has eased at least a burden on the parents where that’s one less thing they don’t have to worry about,” said Antoinette Alexander, a parent of an Aberdeen student.

Alexander said not having to pay for school supplies frees up money for other things her child needs.

“Besides school supplies, they do need school clothes and everything and stuff like that so that would supplement that income towards the things that need for school,” said Alexander.

Students are enjoying their time off now, but soon it’s back to the books for the kids, and Aberdeen’s Chief academic officer Tameka Shannon is aware of that. The extra money came from funds not used in the 2020 school year so Shannon and the rest of the Aberdeen School District utilized that to help students and parents.

“2020 was a trying year for our community for the world as a matter of fact so if this is something that we can do to ease the stress on our parents financially then why not,” said, Shannon.

While the supplies are just issued at the beginning of the school year, parents are encouraged to still use the extra money to help their children.

“Hopefully this will encourage them to get more involved with their child’s education and to provide supplemental materials to the classroom if there is a need,” said Shannon.

The school supplies won’t be issued to students until the first day of school which is expected to be August 6, 2021.


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