Ackerman native discusses influences behind the creation of ‘The New Magnolia Flag’

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) —  “The New Magnolia Flag” is one of Mississippi’s two final flag designs.

And the designer of the flag is a Mississippi native from Ackerman.

His name is Rocky Vaughan and said he began working on a possible new design eight-years-ago.

“It was my old pics that somebody put on there as their choice to submit you know what I’m saying,” said Vaughan. “So even though these four is all that I technically submitted I actually did a lot more on behalf of other folks which is pretty cool and that’s how this one got there.”

Ackerman native Rocky Vaughan behind the design of ‘The New Magnolia Flag’

Vaughan said growing up in Mississippi, he knows the history of this state, so he didn’t do a lot of research to create this design.

“If you have to explain what things mean does it really look like what you’re trying to make it look like? Magnolia is Mississippi, we are the Magnolia State. Come on that’s it, that’s all the research that you have to do is live here, you know that,” said Vaughan.

Rocky Vaughan original flag

The original state flag submission by Rocky Vaughan

And Vaughan is hoping his hard-work will forever be etched in the rich history of Mississippi.

“Not only I’ll hold it dear to my heart, but hopefully my family my closest friends,” said Vaughan. “And my community, my home town of Ackerman Mississippi, hopefully, they will take pride in it. They may take more pride in it than I do although it’ll be an honor, it’ll be an honor.”

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