Ackerman parks reopen, mayor says it’s time to go back to work

ACKERMAN, Miss. (WCBI) – Monday, Governor Tate Reeves announced plans to reopen parks across the state by Thursday, April 7.

Some cities are taking their time in deciding whether or not following along with the Governor in opening parks, while other places like Ackerman already have their parks open.

In September of 2019, Ackerman unveiled a brand new recreational area dedicated to former Mississippi governors J.P. Coleman and Ray Mabus– both Ackerman natives.

For the past few weeks, the park has been closed. Recently, the Ackerman Police Department took to their Facebook page to announced the park is now open, along with Glasgow Park.

“It’s time for Mississippi to go back to work. It’s time for Ackerman to go back to work, and to not be afraid of a virus,” said Ackerman Mayor Tim Cutts.

Cutts said he’d be more concerned if he lived in a higher populated area.

“We’re not New York City, we’re not in the petri dish of the subway. It’s time for us to go to work, and what we’ve decided to do is open our parks, bring our people back and go to work. That’s what we do in Ackerman. We’re not afraid of things. Come to Ackerman, you gone like what you see,” said Cutts.

Cutts said enforcing social distancing at parks will be a challenge.

“We’re not overly addressing that issue unless you’re just hugged up on somebody, you know what I’m talking about,” said Cutts.

Instead, the city will be focusing on sanitization.

“Wiping down things, making sure things are sanitary, but you know, the good Lord pops that sun out. That virus, if it doesn’t have a host, it can’t live, but we are sanitizing things,” said Cutts.

The city even plans to open up recreational events, like the Dizzy Dean Baseball league, for the summer.

“They’re going to try and push that season, from what I’m hearing, to June and July. So, we want everybody to know that Ackerman is ready for business, so come on and bring your youngins,” said Cutts.

Cutts said during this time, people need to get outside more.

“Go to the park. Enjoy yourself. Stay away from other people, but throw the ball to your kid and have a ball,” said Cutts.

In Starkville, city leaders said they have yet to decide whether or not to reopen their parks.

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