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A Tupelo based group known for its calls for national boycotts and protests found itself on the receiving end of a protest today

Members of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender community walked the sidewalks outside the American Family Association Friday afternoon. The marchers say they want to draw attention to the AFA for its promotion of what they call hate towards the homosexual community.

AFA has long been known for its opposition to what the AFA says is homosexual activism in politics and popular culture. Ironically the group today says it respects the AFA’s right to its religious views on homosexuality but disagrees with the AFA using what it calls distortion of statistics and use of discredited reports to support its views.

  • Patricia

    You should check your facts. Not all of us were members of the LGBT community. Some of us were allys.

  • Friday’s protest at the AFA is not just about their anti-gay attitude, it is about their activity as the bully of Tupelo. The AFA uses its nation-wide media to bully any group or person who holds a view contrary to their narrow, fundamentalist interpretation of Christianity. They ignore the messages of The Christ and spew hatred instead of love and they refuse to leave the job of judging to God, but take it upon them selves. They continue to bay Bryan Fischer to rant such things as “God could have saved the children of Sandy Hook, but He will not go where he is not invited” (the words may not be exact, but the intent is captured). They hide behind their cloak of religion to take tax deductible donations and then spend it to foster anti-Obama propaganda. The people of Tupelo are afraid of the AFA. Many told me they would like to have joined us but it would be at the risk of their business or job to do so. That kind of bullying must not be tolerated, much less enabled by silence of the fearful.

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