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OXFORD, Miss. (AP) – A Nov. 18 trial has been scheduled for an Amory man accused of using the Internet to entice a minor female for sex.

Christopher Pickle pleaded guilty in the case in July, but was allowed to withdraw the plea.

U.S. District Judge Neal B. Biggers said Pickle’s plea was “only conditionally accepted” by the court while he was represented by a federal public defender.

The man’s family hired a private practice lawyer and asked that his plea be withdrawn.

Pickle is one of about a dozen men snared in a Lee County Sheriff’s Office sting operation that used a trained deputy who pretended online to be a teenage female. Pickle alleges entrapment.


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  • Ed

    This is a crock of bull, he tried to entice what “HE THOUGHT” was a teenage girl into sex…..he’s guilty regardless of who’s on the other end. Give him 10 -15 years and cut him. He’ll get his dues in prison.

  • Karen Knight

    I do realize each person has the right to feel about someone as they wish. The part I don’t understand is how you can judge someone and not even know them. Anyone who truly knows Chris knows that this is something that he would not do. I am not trying to say that he didn’t talk to women on the computer, he is a single male. I believe with every ounce of my being that Chris was set up….I believe in Chris and will stand by him and his family through this….How can anyone wish harm on a human being and sleep at night?

  • Ed

    He was trying to entice a young teenage girl into sex……period. This country used to have some morals, guess you lost yours just like he did.

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