An East Texas pastor carries a cross from Mississippi to the nation’s capital

MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCB)-An East Texas pastor is making his way through Northeast Mississippi, as part of a walk from the Lone Star State to Washington, DC.

Pastor Ed Maclean is carrying a cross during his entire walk from Longview, Texas, to the nation’s capital.

Pastor Maclean says he is on the walk, called “In the Footsteps of Jesus” to bring a message of hope to those he encounters.

The pastor says he also wants to encourage people of faith to focus on what is important instead of issues that divide people.

“The Body needs to rise up, we’re divided between our religions, our races, and colors, and because of our government, divided we can’t stand, we can’t do anything and united we stand and God’s all about unity, amen,” said Pastor Ed Maclean with Footsteps of Jesus.

Pastor Maclean was making his way through Monroe County when we caught up with him. He had preached at the Monroe County jail. He hopes to reach Washington DC sometime in August.

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