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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-Some Starkville Middle Schoolers are getting hands on experience with robotic devices similar to what the military use.

Robots were once an idea for the future, but now dominate our reality. That’s why Jackie Wilts, a teacher at Armstrong Middle School is teaching her students how to operate these machines.

“We’re headed towards robots doing a lot of different things and I believe that these children need to understand how robots work. What a robot is and how they can be helpful to humans,” says Jackie Wilts.

Students at Armstrong Middle School are using equipment like these virtual reality glasses to control robots that help people in real life situations.

“The block represents a bomb you got to get it out before the time runs out or boom an imaginary explosion,” says Ray Baker.

While some students use their cell phones to drive robots in class, others are building a refuge from nature’s fury.

“Me and my group have created an underground bunker that is under a city. We are currently doing the 3D physical design, but I’ve also saved the digital design on sketch-up. I’m really excited about it so far I can see it’s going to be a good year and can’t wait until competition,” says Warren Smith.

“It’s exciting I mean the rush and the adrenaline pumping of having to do what you have to do in little time because this time we only have one and a half months instead of two,” says Leah McTrew.

Building robotic devices not only teach students team work, but gives them possibilities for their future.

“Future careers. Maybe getting some scholarships to college. So just kind of broadening their horizons and opening up some opportunities for them as they get older,” says Kenneth Moser.

These models may be built by middle schoolers today, but they could be the future of tomorrow.

This is the fifth year students will be competing in a robotics competition.

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