Bill aims to help make roads safer for people with disabilities

A bill making its way through the legislature could make the roads safer for people with disabilities.

The proposal called for drivers to apply to have a sticker placed on their license plate.

A physician or psychologist would have to certify that a person in the vehicle has a health condition or disability that prevents them from communicating with law enforcement.

The impairment would have to last at least five years.

So, during a traffic stop, law enforcement would know that someone in the vehicle could have an impairment before walking up to the car.

Deputies we spoke with believed this could be helpful patrolling the roads.

“Going up to a car without knowing this sometimes medical issues lead us to believe that somebody is being combative or non-compliant when in all reality it’s simply a medical issue,” said Capt. Scott Speaks, with the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office.

The bill has passed the state Senate.

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