Black history lessons are being taught differently

ABERDEEN, Miss (WCBI)- This school year is anything but traditional; so it stands to reason, celebrations of black history would be outside the box. One local school came up with a way to teach and reach their students.

Around the state, Black History month won’t be celebrated the same, but the meaning is still alive and relevant. Aberdeen administrators are celebrating black culture by looking to the future.

“I think the students will really enjoy it because again all of our panelists all of our speakers are under the age of 30, between 26-30, and so this will let our students know that success is just at their fingertips, said Sherell Drake; assistant principal of Aberdeen High School.

Drake and principal Dana Bullard say they felt the best way for students to engage was to get youth to teach youth about Black History and let the kids see their potential.

“We want to make sure we’re educating our children and letting them know where they come from and what they can be,” said Drake.

“We were just trying to get people who came from a small town and who have followed their pathway and done exactly what they wanted to do,” said Bullard.

The speaker series The Young Mississippians highlights Law, Technology, Education, and Medicine.

“We knew that the kids are interested in law, they’re interested in medicine and they’re interested in technology we also know that in Mississippi that education is key to the future of our children,” said Bullard.

Bullard saw this event as fresh, to meeting students online.

“Let’s just do it now through zoom because that’s how we teach and do it through Facebook live because that’s where the methods that the kids are using to talk to each other,” said Bullard

It’s a conversation Drake says should be on-going, happening all year long.

“February is the shortest month of the year and here we are with just 28 days to celebrate. It’s not something that we should just celebrate once,” said Drake.

Bullard and Drake have already been receiving calls to begin a series next month for students to gain insight on other careers such as truck driving and culinary arts.

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