Bruce High School looks to community to help get new uniforms


BRUCE, Miss. (WCBI) – A high school band in our area has put in extra hours raising money for new uniforms.

The Bruce High School Band has taken pride in its sound and its presentation.

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The Trojan band has used the same uniforms for more than a decade and the wear and tear are taking a toll.

“Right now we have roughly, 80 and of those 80, probably fifty percent of those need repair, if not every game, every other game,” said band director Cody Roberts.

“Sometimes we have to use safety pins, zippers, and zip ties,” said freshman Conner Shelton.

100 new uniforms are needed. A design was approved and now it’s all about getting the word out and raising money.

“We’re really just trying to educate people on how great these students are and how much they deserve these uniforms,” said Roberts.

The cost of all the uniforms for the Bruce High School Band is about $50,000.

The goal is to get the deposit, or half of that, sent in by the end of this month.

“We have done several different things to raise money, one, our concert band does performances for the public, we charge people to come to eat and listen to us, donut sales to raise money,” said Senior Camryn Harris.

“As an upcoming senior I want to be able to be a part of a band with a new fresh look and go farther than we have in the past two years,” said junior Meggan Reeder.

More fundraisers have been planned, with the goal of having new uniforms for Bruce High School Band members in time for the new school year and the start of football season in August.