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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-Thousands of MSU students are back in Starkville. This means business is booming at local businesses.

“This is the best time of year,” Little Dooey general manager Bart Wood said.

That’s the expression of nearly every Starkville business owner after surviving through the slow summer months.

Now that fall is around the corner, local stores and restaurants want to cash in with more customers.

“Everybody in Starkville is in place, all of the kids are back, the college kids are back. They got money in their pockets and they’re ready to spend it,” Wood said.

With that in mind, Dawg House Sports Bar and Grill has extended its hours.

The restaurant is now open seven days a week, instead of the usual six.

General Manager Ari Forbis said it was easy transition for employees.

“An increase in hours is you know, more business which is more money in everybody’s pocket. It’s just kind of like opening up on a Saturday morning or just any other regular day. There’s not much difference,” Forbis said.

Restaurants are definitely cooking up more sales. This means they need more people working, especially on the verge of football season.

“We basically had to double up on staff over the past month or so. We’re getting all kinds of people come in here, some people who didn’t know we were open yet, some people that are definitely regular, all age groups and everything,” Forbis said.

Now, Little Dooey is also extending its hours on weekends.

The last three to four weeks we’ve had a tremendous upswing in people in Starkville, especially on Friday and Saturday

“Sales are up. The last three to four weeks we’ve had a tremendous upswing in people in Starkville, especially on Friday and Saturday,” Wood said.

Even with more orders coming in the kitchen, restaurants are still trying to find ways to lure people in to sit at their table.

“We got some new things that are coming out this fall. We’ll have the return of our gumbo, which was a success last year. We may do some cajun rice this year and perhaps a couple other secret things we’re not ready to announce yet,” Wood said.

Joey, The general managers of both restaurants expect business to get even crazier during MSU’s football season.

And if you’re looking for a job, they are hiring.

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