Businesses are seeing an increase in sales from teachers purchasing scrubs

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — The coronavirus has affected the economy across the nation and here in Mississippi.

But with school beginning this month, some businesses are seeing an increase in sales.

Sydney Dobbs, Sales Associate at Scrubs Elite said you’d expect to see this uniform in a doctor’s office or at the dentist’s.

“Business has definitely increased since COVID,” said Dobbs. “We were a little bit slower before and now we have definitely picked up because more people from other professions besides medical professions are coming in the buy scrubs.”

Those other professionals are — teachers.

Teachers are buying scrubs to protect themselves while cleaning and sanitizing.

“It’s definitely easier because you aren’t getting the cleaning products on your regular clothes and you can just go home and throw them in the wash,” said Dobbs. “We have seen a lot more teachers come in here recently because its easier to pull your scrubs off when you get home from the end of the day and not mess up your normal clothes.”

Cori White, a Sales Clerk at Scrubs and Company said before teachers started their search for scrubs, the business was very slow.

“Nobody was shopping, nobody was coming in,” said White. “We had a $32 day one day. It was bad.”

But now — that has changed.

“It’s picked up a lot since the teachers decided to wear scrubs,” said White.

White said they have had more than 50 teachers come in to purchase scrubs.

“Because they are going to be cleaning a lot I’m sure,” said White. “Sanitizing and they don’t want to get the chemicals and stuff on their clothes, so why not wear scrubs.”

One more item for back to school shopping.

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