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NOXUBEE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – A Noxubee County family plans on appealing a murder conviction that sent their relative to prison for life.

Darieous “Rico” Bryant was sentenced to life in prison Thursday for shooting and killing of 22-year-old LeMarco Tate.

The shooting happened May 2, 2009 in Shuqualak outside the Beehive Cafe.

Tate was shot once in the chest and later died at Noxubee General Hospital.

During the three day trial, several witnesses took the stand.  Some witnesses claim they saw Rico Bryant with a gun, while others stated they did not, hearing on the sound of gunshots but not being able to clearly identify who the shooter was.

After officials read the verdict, the judge polled the jury, asking them for their vote. The first juror stated that guilty was not his initial vote.

The jury then went to deliberate a second time.

After the second deliberation, the jury returned, finding Bryant guilty again.

Bryant’s younger brother, Deon, spoke to WCBI. Bryant says, the family is demanding a new trial and a different venue.

“Everybody is thinking it should have been a hung jury. To send them back in there after that and come back out, in some kind of way I don’t know what went on. Seems like they may have been convinced or manipulated into changing their answers. Even when they were answering they had their heads down, they had long pauses in between them saying guilty. If we could get a change of venue in some kind of way I rather it not be in Noxubee county because I really don’t feel like the system up there is fair.” Says Bryant.

Attorneys say the family does have grounds for an appeal because of the juror’s change of thought during the polling.


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  • Tiara

    Noxubee County always goes off hear say! No evidence just incarcerate someone off of hear say! Mr. Rico did not get a fair trail. Something needs to be done about the whole system in Noxubee County! Lets find justice for Rico and we need to work together to get this system right!

  • tina

    it is what it is…everybody looking at the fact of Rico,getting life but leMarco Tate, is gone for life.Their is no coming back for him at least his family will get the chance to talk to him.When it all said and done both parents lost.they need to look at this thing both ways instead of one.

  • Tiara

    I look at it both ways and sorry for the lost of Mr. Tate! My point is about the system itself! If I ever have to go before a judge I want to be judge fairly. The way things went in that courtroom with the jurors is something to question and you are so right it is wat it.

  • Beautiful

    Yes, I pray for the Tate family, but Rico didn’t get a fair trail. I believe the juror was told to vote guility the second time and that’s jury tampering!!! From my understanding there was many gun shots fired that night, so no investigation was done, so how can you point the finger at one person? Until there is reasonable doubt and proof Rico remains innocent to me! Of course the enemies going to point the finger at Rico because they don’t want it to be known that they killed their own friend. The whole witness testimony didn’t make sense… Why would a person come outside where one of their family members fighting ( fighting fair, no weapon) but open fires??? Red flag! No one just start shooting if he/she isn’t been shoot at. My opinion!

  • Dlo

    That’s DUMB… It’s not about looking at things from both sides..
    Quick question: would u like to be the defendant in a trial like that? OF COURSE U WOULDN’T!! it’s easy to make those kind of comments when you are not the one getting SCREWED by the system.. I’m sorry but what u said is NONSENSE!! A trial is about seeking the truth!! U cannot honestly say that the truth was determined in that trial… Still nobody knows what happened because the system prohibited the jurors from doing their job which is CONSIDERING ALL THE CREDIBLE EVIDENCE then deciding..
    It almost sounds like you’re satisfied about how things transpired. This is not only just about this case. This is about systematic injustice that has been occurring a long time and now is the time to speak out!!!


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