Calhoun County Clerk warning voters of registration fraud

CALHOUN COUNTY, Miss (WCBI) —  Voting registration fraud can come in many forms, from online, social media apps and even at your front door.

With the deadline to register to vote for the general election in less than two weeks, voters should be aware of some registration fraud that could happen.

Calhoun City Clerk Carlton Baker wants you to be extra cautious when sharing your information.

“Any voter and everything should use extra caution,” said Baker. “If they have unsolicited request to update their voter information. And if they are not familiar with the website, they can either call my office, call any circuit clerk’s office in any county just to make sure that they are going to the correct website.”

As for the website voters can trust?

“The safest place would be to go to the Mississippi Secretary State website. They have a section devoted strictly to elections. It’s called ‘y’all vote’. And they can go to their website they can check if they’re registered to vote in Calhoun County or any county in the state.”

Also be careful if someone comes to your home with an offer to help you register.

“Anybody that comes to your door if they are unsolicited and everything they should have some type of identification,” said Baker. “Like I know right now the Census Bureau is going around they have the proper IDs and identification that they’re supposed to have to take the census.”

But what is the best option?

“They can come to the circuit clerk’s office in the county that they reside in,” said Baker. “That’s probably the safest but don’t just trust any website especially if it’s unsolicited.”

The deadline to register is October 5. Click here for more information.

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