Casting Calls For Local Talent For A Movie Being Filmed In The Golden Triangle

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Local actors and actresses came out to Mississippi State’s campus on Sunday, in hopes of landing a part in a new movie.

The open casting call was put on by the Mississippi Film Group.

Our Rylie Livingston went to check out the action and has more on the story.

“The Craving” is a new movie that’s going to be filmed here, in the Golden Triangle.

Bringing movie production to the Magnolia State has been the goal for executive producer, Bryan Carpenter, for quite some time.

“I have been pushing to get film into Mississippi.”

He’s also pushing for the film to have local talent.

“Well, we really believe in trying to cast locals as much as possible. It’s a thing that I love, our director loves, and all of the people in our crew. Honestly, we reach out to agents and cast out of that crew, but as much as we can, use the people in the general region we film in. We do as much as anyone will let us.”

Trisha Pate is one of those local actresses who showed off her skills at the casting call.

“It was really fun. I was surprised at how fast and how easy it was, but everyone made me feel really comfortable and I appreciated the opportunity.”

The film’s director, Angelina Nikonova, is based out of Los Angeles, but says she wants movie production to continue to grow in Mississippi.

“I wish for your state, for your town, to be a little more popular in regards to film making, and I hope more and more films will be happening here, because you have wonderful people here, and wonderful scenery, and I wish that this space to be popular among film-makers.

Nikonova has one big goal for the new thriller movie.

“That it’s going to be scary and that it is going to entertain you and I will do everything possible for it to be.”

Filming is expected to start on March 6th.

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