Charges Filed In Starkville Animal Seizure Case



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The Starkville Police Department arrested 35 year old Huyanh Ralph Tran residing at 203 Park Avenue in Starkville, Mississippi on September 5, 2013. On August 28, 2013 Police responded to neighbors complaints of Loud Animal Noise’s from the residence. A search warrant revealed a Commercial Exotic Animal Breeding Farm with dozens of large constrictor snakes, African cats, rare frogs as well as parrots, macaws and other large birds.

Tran turned himself in after two misdemeanor arrest warrants were issued charging him with “Violating Public Nuisance & Safety” as well as “Operating a Commercial Business in a Residential Area”. Tran was served, processed and released after posting a cash bond of $1,000.00.

Tran has complied with instructions made by Police in the removal of the animals. Most of the animals have been safely removed and the remainder are currently in the process of being relocated.