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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-For most of us New Years has come and gone, but Sunday many throughout the world are celebrating the Chinese New Year.

It has been a tradition for over a thousand years. The celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year is full of family, food, and lots of fireworks. Even though the holiday is similar to new years in America, it is closer to another holiday we celebrate.

“It’s like Christmas, but when everybody gathers around and eat together and play together and have a blast,” says Yijhog Chen.

With Christmas comes presents, but it’s not the usual box wrapped with Christmas paper and a bow.

“On Chinese New Year the adults will give the children something called a red pocket. It is a red envelope and contains small amount of cash. It’s to encourage the child to grow up and be successful,” says Chen.

Each New Year there is a different animal that represents those who were born in certain years. This year’s animal is the snake.

“Snakes basically represent wise and they are smart. They have a tendency to go towards physical beauty. They try to be perfect in everything they do,” says Chen.

Mr. Chen says the day is full of celebration, but the true meaning behind the Chinese New Year is so much more.

“It’s where everybody comes together friends , families. They share their yearly thought and experience, forget about everything that’s been wrong during the year and look toward a brighter tomorrow,” says Chen.

For those celebrating the holiday I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year. “xin nian knni le”

In the Chinese they also hang up lanterns to bring luck to everyone in the household.

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