Christmas just another day on the job for some police officers

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Santa wasn’t the only one out and about these past few days – for some local officers Christmas was another day on the job.

Columbus Police Officer Raymond Hackler clocked in bright and early Christmas morning.

He says crime doesn’t stop or slow down just because its the holiday season, which means around the clock shifts for many officers.

Hackler was assigned to the East Columbus beat on Christmas morning.

He patrolled the neighborhoods, checked on local businesses, and listened in on the police scanners in case he was called for backup.

The veteran officer says the hardest part about his job is the hours can be demanding and its often a “thankless” line of work.

“As many people that are out there that say some not so nice things about police officers and law enforcement in general…there’s just as many people that do believe in you and to me that’s worth it.”

Officer Hackler has over 30 years of experience policing. He’s been with the Columbus Police Department for 11 years.

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