Churches preparing for Easter weekend amid COVID-19


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The coronavirus has forced churches to resort to online streaming of services.

In result, Easter weekend this year will be impacted.

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And in a time when many lean on their religion for answers, that community has been impacted as well.

Churches are now approaching one of their biggest weekends.

Jason Morrow, said First Baptist Church in Columbus, is doing all they can to bring the Resurrection message home.

“Easter Sunday is incredibly a big deal to all of us and so we’ve adjusted,” said Morrow. “We are reaching our people the best way we know how encouraging them and I’m looking forward to Sunday even though it won’t be all together, I’m looking forward to celebrating Easter Sunday.”

Morrow said he wants people to have hope that this pandemic will soon away.

“This message this Sunday is all about hope,” said Morrow. “It is the answer for those who may feel like the darkness of the situation is too much and I know that it is for a lot of people being at home for so long and with such uncertainty out there right now is really confusing and hard.”

Pastor Ken Nuss of Fairview Baptist Church in Columbus, said even though people aren’t allowed to physically attend church, for the time being, there is another way folks can gather and participate this Easter weekend.

“We are really encouraging our folks to spend extra time this weekend this being holy week preparing themselves and their family members whether it’s by FaceTime or whatever where they can participate as a family,” said Pastor Nuss.

And for those who may be in need of someone to talk to, Nuss said churches are a phone call away.

“We are really encouraging our folks if they’re feeling separated if they’re feeling isolated to reach out and to call us so that we can visit with them, we can pray with them,” said Nuss.