City of Starkville experiences a spike in auto burglaries


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – The Starkville Police Department said there have been over 14 vehicle burglaries throughout the city since Sunday.

Sgt. Brandon Lovelady said this is an unusual spike in burglaries for the city.

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However, the time of day the burglaries took place and the method used are even more unusual.

“Right now we’re seeing an uptick in auto burglaries in the central part of town. We did have some out of the ordinary smash and grab type auto burglaries yesterday during the daytime. We’ve had 14 reported auto burglaries since about Sunday. We know there’s more than that but again these are numbers actually reported. Some people just choose not to file a report or they notify us and they’re not missing anything,” said Lovelady.

Lovelady advised residents of Starkville to keep their vehicles locked at all times and to not leave anything of value in a vehicle overnight.