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CLAY COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)-Dozens of Clay County businesses are delinquent in paying their fair share of personal property taxes. Officials there have taken measures to collect those overdue funds.  Since last July, Clay County Tax Assessor Collector Paige Lamkin and her staff have been aggressively going after businesses not paying what they owe in personal business taxes.

“You know last year I think we had around five thousand dollars that had not been collected. But as of today we are still at like ten thousand, so you can see that amount has doubled,” said Lamkin.

“Lamkin is voicing frustration, while some businesses have paid their personal property taxes, one business has been delinquent for five years.”

“And so as the Tax Assessor collector I feel like that we need to take that next step. You know, to get these collected,” said Lamkin.

Lamkin and her staff have made phone calls, sent courtesy and certified letters out to businesses, and have even posted a list of names in the local newspaper. There is a drastic measure, Lamkin hopes is not necessary. Warrants can be issued and the sheriff’s department can come in and close down businesses owing back taxes.

“No, that’s the last thing we want to do. But you know I can by law do that and you know I just hope that these businesses will take this serious and come in and get this taken care of,” said Lamkin.

Lamkin has given those delinquent businesses a July 19th deadline before her office takes the next unpleasant but legal step.



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