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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — U.S. Senator Thad Cochran is back in North Mississippi for his Easter break.

He and Mississippi Senator Chris McDaniel are going head-to-head campaigning these next few months.

Both are competing for the Republican nomination for the June primary.

Cochran says he’s the best man for the job because he has the most experience.

“I haven’t been doing any bashing,” Cochran said. “I’ve been telling the truth about the situation that we face in this campaign. We’re confronted with an opponent of mine who has no experience in public office at this level. He is simply criticizing, and has some people who are supporting him doing the same thing.”

Cochran says he’s not surprised the Tea Party is backing McDaniel.

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  • Raymond Gross

    If experience makes one the best man for the job , why do we have term limits for the president position?? After criticizing the conservative, Chris McDaniel, about having no experience at the Federal level and then calling him a basher, Thad goes further with one of his old liberal tricks by saying “all Chris does is criticize”. Like , it’s ok for me to criticize my opponent but bad if the conservative does it. Liberal logic , I reckon.
    Thad has been in congress over 40 years. What I’d like to hear from him is the truth about his voting record for 4 decades and what he has done to help the lives of us Columbus folks. Not negative ads and comments from him about his opponent.
    I have some questions for you , Mr. Cochran, 1. why won’t you actually use your pen and cosponsor the Fair Tax bill ? That’s not a hard thing to do and would show a true concern for tax reform and demonstrate real leadership. 2. I haven’t heard anything about the Hwy 45 by-pass around Columbus since Mayor Rupp quit his job and moved to Starkville. Why haven’t you tried to help us with the by pass in over 40 years in Congress ? 3. What is your vision and plans to help Columbus for the next 6 years if you happen to be reelected?
    I’m sick of all your negative baloney about our State Senator , Mr. Cochran. Tell me what you’ve done in the past 40 some years in Congress to help Columbus and why you voted for liberal causes that have hurt Columbus. What are you going to do , not just talk about, for the next 6 years if reelected?
    That’s some of the things that Columbus folks want to hear from you, Sir. No more negative stuff about our fine State Senator , Chris McDaniel, please. We want to know more about you , will your past record and vision for the next 6 years sink or float? Why should I vote for you again ? Presently, I’m planning to vote for Chris McDaniel.
    I’m sure the Columbus Dispatch and Packet would gladly publish your reply. Thank you, Sir.

  • Michael

    He should visit his wife on Easter break. Sad to
    see her done like this. Dropped off like that.

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